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Top Social Media Influencers List in India

At en:lyft we are determined to find the right influencers that suits your campaign’s goals and objectives. Our influencer’s community has its own unique way of telling the brand story to their peers & followers. The content creators that we work with are not just influencers, but they are the social media sensations.


We work with top content creators from all genre of the industry in India. Here is the list of platforms, categories and genres that we work with:

Instagram Influencers, YouTube Influencers, Bloggers and Vloggers, Travel Influencers, Fitness Influencers, Beauty Influencers, Lifestyle Influencers, Food Influencers, Technology Influencers, Mom Influencers, Celebrity Influencers, Parenting Influencers, Motivational Influencers, Health Influencers, Automobile Influencers, Photography Influencers, Chef Influencers, DIY Influencers, Macro Influencers and Micro Influencers


Our Influencer Directory is active and growing. We have listed our exclusive and non-exclusive influencers from different social media platforms. We keep on adding influencers to this directory. To contact any influencer form the list simple click on influencer and click on call or email button. You can also request details about the influencer by filling the form on each influencer page.



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Things to look out for while selecting the best social media Influencers for your next campaign:

  • The Coherence of their post with the brand message.
  • Creativity in their Content
  • Level of Interaction / Engagement on their publication
  • Size of the channel (reach)
  • The Cost Involved

While all these things being mentioned remember the KPIs to measure the success of the campaign.